We do more than spays and neuters. We also do surgeries such as mass or tumor removals, wound repairs, and even orthopedic procedures.

We perform preoperative blood work to ensure there are no underlying issues that could interfere with the safety of your pet under anesthesia.

We place intravenous catheters that allow for us to administer injectable anesthesia, pain medications and allow for immediate access to the vein in case of an emergency.

Your pet is monitored in several ways while under anesthesia. We monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation, spO2, and temperature. We use circulating warm water blankets and BAER huggers to keep them warm.

We provide pain management at the time of surgery and pain medications to go home.

We strongly recommend the use of inflatable or plastic e-collars to prevent your pet from licking or chewing at their incision site(s) and potentially causing complications post-operatively.