You are their best friend, our Lifetime of Wellness Plan is your safety-net.
Our Objective: The Lifetime of Wellness Plan is designed to allow your pet to thrive in youth and to grow old in grace and comfort. In order to do this well, we need to maintain good overall health and identify diseases earlier on in the development of the disease process.

A Lifetime of Wellness is a monthly payment plan that includes everything that a healthy pet requires, as well as a discount for those unexpected health issues. Our wellness plans offer all of your yearly checkups, screening tests and vaccines as well as unlimited office visits, health certificates and more for far less than you would pay over the course of year at regular price.

Our Wellness Plan will ensure you and your pet a good night’s sleep. (click on the table below to enlarge)
Wellness Plan Prices
This plan is not the same as insurance. The services included in the wellness plan of your choice will be performed within the 12 months following enrollment, and are designed to provide your pet with the best health he or she can enjoy. We will help you to choose the plan best suited to your needs.

The level of the plan you choose includes all the services listed. It is your responsibility to schedule appointments for the examinations and tests you have signed up for with our staff.